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Dennis Walter's "Mr. Bucky" Head Cover- #33000


Item #33000- 12.5" Dennis Walter's "Mr. Bucky" Head Cover

  • Fits 460cc Drivers- Traditional and Geometric.
  • Special anchoring system that insures a secure fit on your Driver.
  • Soft, quality, sherpa lining, specifically tailored to protect clubs from damage.
  • Highly articulated with sharp embroidered details.
  • Made using only the finest custom-milled fabrics, in exciting colors and materials.
  • Cover attachments (characters' eyes, noses and accessories) are securely fastened to withstand golf cart motion and inclement weather.
  • Surface Washable.

Winning Edge Fun Fact: Dennis Walter's new sidekick follows in the tradition of his other great show dogs and gets the Dennis Walter's golf Show off to a great start.

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